Lifelong Learning

Success is derived from highly motivated individuals who practise reading and learning something new every day. Anyone anywhere can transform their lives through the pursuit of knowledge that is now accessible through smartphones across the globe.

Although the main benefit of lifelong learning is actually learning something new which in itself is great, there are other perks associated with a practice of learning, both personal and professional. If we activate a daily routine of learning we also get enhanced levels of motivation and develop our mind. This enhances our Kokoro by increasing our capacity for perseverance while developing a growth mindset and other social-emotional skills. Keeping our minds active is as important as keeping our bodies active.

In this way, we can expand our career options, develop leadership skills and become generally more productive by committing as little as 40-minutes of devoted reading a day. Many resources cost nothing more than your internet connection. To help you get started, here are my top 35 sites to learn something new:

1. learn about business, software, technology, design, & photography

2. Expert blogs and online magazines: learn something new every day and READ

3. get smarter and boost your creativity

4. Hackaday: learn new skills and facts daily

5. over 2,000 free online courses that can be completed in under 2-hours

6. Leadership skills: nine free resources for online training

7. EdX: Find tons of massive open online courses (MOOCs)

8. Platzi: Get smarter in marketing, app development, and design

9. Big Think: Read articles or watch videos featuring subject matter experts (SMEs)

10. Entrepreneurs: 15 free online resources

11. A collection on just about every topic imaginable

12. free courses provided by some of the world’s top universities

13. Lifehacker: short reads that can improve your daily life

14. Udacity: learn important skills with industry experts

15. FutureLearn: courses to activate new heart, mind and body skills

16. TED Ed: Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) lessons

17. Scitable: teach yourself about science and nature

18. The Happiness Project: Success is happiness  – find out how to boost yours!

19. Livemocha: learn a new language with partners from around the globe

20. Computer coding: 9 sites for learning Java, PHP, HTML, Ruby & more

21. Khan Academy: my personal favourite site to learn anything ❤

22. Learn a Language: over 40 free apps and sites to develop language skills

23. learn one new essential business skill in 30-days

24. Make: Learn how to do that DIY project you’ve had your eye on

25. Yousician: learning doesn’t have to be work-related 😉

26.  Academic Earth: world-class education since 2009

27. Squareknot: get creative with other creatives

28. Highbrow: subscribe to get a new five-minute course in your inbox daily

29. Spreeder: learn how to read faster

30. Memrise: memory practice to expand vocabulary

31. Surface Languages: to learn essential words or phrases in multiple languages

32. Wikipedia’s Daily Article List: a daily feature delivered straight to your inbox

33. DataMonkey: enhance your data analysis abilities through SQL or Excel

34.  Public speaking: face your fears & access 9 different resources on public speaking

35. Cook Smarts: impress your family with new culinary skills


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