New Ideas on Work, Life and Balance


The way we work or think about work is sorely outdated. Advances in many areas of science are supporting a more holistic approach to the work-life balance.

People who realise personal empowerment also realise enhanced productivity and performance that are core drivers of business success. So whether you work independently or as part of a large organisation, the principles shared here are relevant.

We feed our bodies but often forget that our minds and our hearts also need nourishing. Consciously adding new practices into our daily routines help us change that until it becomes as natural as walking and breathing.

Such as:
1. support yourself with what you feel you need
2. appreciate & connect with the people around you
3. reflect on your successes, & how to build on them

To do these things most of us have to shed old thought patterns and learn new ones, which can be done over time through initiating desired thought patterns through physical & conscious practice until they overtake the old thought patterns naturally. This requires not only the awareness & desire for change, but effort & patience are also needed for success.

This group is here to support you, and our network of trainers by providing information and guidelines for personal, as well as professional growth and well-being that relinquishes old, out-of-date thinking about work-life through creating new practises and perspectives for success that can #MaximiseYourPotential.

Thanks for joining us here! We look forward to hearing from you!

#rmainternational #kokoroatwork #elleschiemer

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